The Customs Department will begin the examination of documentation of fuel import and export via National Single Window (NSW) System from July 1st, 2013 onwards.



         The Royal Thai Government has pushed forward the bureaucratic reform by means

of integrating or grouping those governmental agencies having similar missions in order to

resolve problems of overlapping powers and authorities as well as simplify lines of command

and increase the efficiency of public administration with a view to providing better and faster

public services.

       The Department of Energy Business (DOEB) is a newly established to the Reorganization

of Ministry, Bureau and Department Act B.E. 2545, E.B.2545, published in the Royal Gazette

Volume 119, Part 99A, dated 2nd October, B.E. 255, and Part 102A, dated 8th October, B.E. 2545

coming into force on 9th October B.E. 2545. The main mission of DOEB is to supervise energy

businesses in respect of business acquisition, storage, transportation, filling, distribution and

usage of all types of energy in order to ensure sufficiency, security, quality, and safety

standards according to existing laws and regulations.



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